第六章 マリラの決心(2)

"And if there isn't Mrs. Peter coming up the lane this blessed minute!" exclaimed Mrs. Spencer, bustling her guests through the hall into the parlor, where a deadly chill struck on them as if the air had been strained so long through dark green, closely drawn blinds that it had lost every particle of warmth it had ever possessed. "That is real lucky, for we can settle the matter right away. Take the armchair, Miss Cuthbert. Anne, you sit here on the ottoman and don't wiggle. Let me take your hats. Flora Jane, go out and put the kettle on. Good afternoon, Mrs. Blewett. We were just saying how fortunate it was you happened along. Let me introduce you two ladies. Mrs. Blewett, Miss Cuthbert. Please excuse me for just a moment. I forgot to tell Flora Jane to take the buns out of the oven."
「それからピーターさんがいらっしゃらないなら、ちょっと行ってきますわ。この喜ばしいときに!」。スペンサー夫人は語気を強めて、来客を玄関から客間へとせきたてた。二人は命も縮むほどの寒気に襲われた。空気は深緑色に張り詰めているようで、それまであたりを覆っていた温かいすべての粒子をさえぎるかのように、ほとんどブラインドがひかれていた。「問題が すぐに片付きそうで、本当に幸運でしたわ。ひじかけいすにおかけになって、カスバートさん。アン、あなたはここのオットマンよ。それから体をくねくねしないで。 帽子を貸しなさい。フローラ・ジェーン、ちょっといってやかん を火にかけてちょうだい。ごきげんよう、ブレウェットさん。幸運に出くわしたことをちょうどお知らせしようと思っていましたの。ご婦人方、紹介させてくださいね。 ブレウェットさん、カスバートさんよ。 ちょっと失礼しますわね。 フローラ・ジェーンにバンズをオーブンから出すようにいうのを忘れてましたわ」
blessed神聖な、神の祝福を受けた、いまいましい bustle忙しそうに働く、せきたてる particle分子、粒子、みじん wiggleびくびくする、くねくね動く happen along通りがかる、通りあわす
Mrs. Spencer whisked away, after pulling up the blinds. Anne sitting mutely on the ottoman, with her hands clasped tightly in her lap, stared at Mrs Blewett as one fascinated. Was she to be given into the keeping of this sharp-faced, sharp-eyed woman? She felt a lump coming up in her throat and her eyes smarted painfully. She was beginning to be afraid she couldn't keep the tears back when Mrs. Spencer returned, flushed and beaming, quite capable of taking any and every difficulty, physical, mental or spiritual, into consideration and settling it out of hand.
スペンサーさんはブラインドを上げると、しっしとはらいのけた。 アンは手を握り締めて、無言でオットマンに腰かけて、食い入るようにブレウェット夫人を見つめた。この鋭い顔と目の 婦人に預けられることになるのだろうか。貰われることになるのか。アンは胸が詰まりそうで、瞳はひりひりと痛んだ。肉体的、精神的なあらゆる困難を考慮に入れることができたとしても、スペンサー夫人が戻ってきて、顔を紅潮させ、微笑むようなときには、涙を抑えることができない。そして手に負えなくなるだろうという不安が募り始めていた。
whisk払う、払いのける、はたく mutely無言で give into見晴らす、通じる、任せる lump in one's throatのどが詰まる、胸が詰まる smartずきずき痛む flush赤らむ、紅潮させる、ほてる beamほほ笑む take into consideration考慮に入れる out of hand手に負えない、収集がつかない
"It seems there's been a mistake about this little girl, Mrs. Blewett," she said. "I was under the impression that Mr. and Miss Cuthbert wanted a little girl to adopt. I was certainly told so. But it seems it was a boy they wanted. So if you're still of the same mind you were yesterday, I think she'll be just the thing for you."
Mrs. Blewett darted her eyes over Anne from head to foot.
"How old are you and what's your name?" she demanded.
"Anne Shirley," faltered the shrinking child, not daring to make any stipulations regarding the spelling thereof, "and I'm eleven years old."
falterどもる、口ごもる shrinking萎縮 stipulation規定化、条件 thereofそれの、それについて、それから
"Humph! You don't look as if there was much to you. But you're wiry. I don't know but the wiry ones are the best after all. Well, if I take you you'll have to be a good girl, you know—good and smart and respectful. I'll expect you to earn your keep, and no mistake about that. Yes, I suppose I might as well take her off your hands, Miss Cuthbert. The baby's awful fractious, and I'm clean worn out attending to him. If you like I can take her right home now."
Humphふん wiry細い respectful丁寧な  earn one's keep食い扶持を稼ぐ fractious気難しい、すねた

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