第八章 アンを育てるようになって(2)

"It sounds awfully disrespectful to just say Marilla," protested Anne.
"I guess there'll be nothing disrespectful in it if you're careful to speak respectfully. Everybody, young and old, in Avonlea calls me Marilla except the minister. He says Miss Cuthbert—when he thinks of it."
「あなたが行儀正しく話しさえすれば、ちっとも失礼じゃ ないわ。 アボンリーでは若い人から老人までみんながマリラと 呼ぶわ。牧師さまをのぞいてね。牧師さまはちょっと考えて、ミスカスバートと呼ぶのよ」
disrespectful失礼な、無礼な respectfullyうやうやしく、丁重に
"I'd love to call you Aunt Marilla," said Anne wistfully. "I've never had an aunt or any relation at all—not even a grandmother. It would make me feel as if I really belonged to you. Can't I call you Aunt Marilla?"
「わたしもあなたのことをマリラと呼ぶようになるでしょうね」。アンは不満げにいった。「 わたしにはおばさんや親戚がいなかったから。 おばあさんでさえも。それでわたしはあなたの親族になったような気持ちなの。マリラおばさんって呼んではだめ?」
"No. I'm not your aunt and I don't believe in calling people names that don't belong to them."
"But we could imagine you were my aunt."
"I couldn't," said Marilla grimly.
"Do you never imagine things different from what they really are?" asked Anne wide-eyed.
"Oh!" Anne drew a long breath. "Oh, Miss—Marilla, how much you miss!"
"I don't believe in imagining things different from what they really are," retorted Marilla. "When the Lord puts us in certain circumstances He doesn't mean for us to imagine them away. And that reminds me. Go into the sitting room, Anne—be sure your feet are clean and don't let any flies in—and bring me out the illustrated card that's on the mantelpiece. The Lord's Prayer is on it and you'll devote your spare time this afternoon to learning it off by heart. There's to be no more of such praying as I heard last night."
retort言い返す the Lord神、キリスト sitting room居間 by heartそらで
"I suppose I was very awkward," said Anne apologetically, "but then, you see, I'd never had any practice. You couldn't really expect a person to pray very well the first time she tried, could you? I thought out a splendid prayer after I went to bed, just as I promised you I would. It was nearly as long as a minister's and so poetical. But would you believe it? I couldn't remember one word when I woke up this morning. And I'm afraid I'll never be able to think out another one as good. Somehow, things never are so good when they're thought out a second time. Have you ever noticed that?"
"Here is something for you to notice, Anne. When I tell you to do a thing I want you to obey me at once and not stand stock-still and discourse about it. Just you go and do as I bid you."
stand stockじっと立っている  discourse話す  bid命じる

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